Dates: March 1 (Wed) - 3 (Fri), 2017
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan


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BATTERY JAPAN 2017 - 8th Int'l Rechargeable Battery Expo     Booth No:E38-18

 Product List (Manufacturer Name)

AVL Battery Test Systems
Battery Test Systems

AVLbattery test system is designed for battery pack tests for electric vehicle. It is configurated mainly by battery tester and automatic test system. This system enables accurate and efficient battery tests under real world operation condition.
High voltage DC source for battery charge/discharge test

AVL E-STORAGE BT is a High voltage DC source for battery charge/discharge test, that enables efficient and precise battery tests with its high response and accuracy.
Low voltage DC source for battery charge/discharge test

AVL E-STORAGE LV is a DC source optimized for low voltage micro/mild hybrid system test. It is available not only for 48V system but also 12V system.
Automation system for battery test

AVL LYNX 2 is an automation test system for battery test, available for cell, module, and pack tests. Multiple testbeds are controlled independently by one LYNX. It also has "event recording" function that records data with high sampling rate when it detects fast data value change.
Thermo-fluid dynamics simulation software

FIRE is able to analyze reaction processes of Li-ion battery and fuel cell (PEMFC, SOFC). Modeling is available for all level of battery structure - cell, module, and pack. This software simulates detailed 3-dimensional electric and thermal distribution in the Li-ion battery.
Vehicle driveline simulation software

AVL CRUISE is a simulation software that is able to calculate vehicle performance, fuel (electric) consumption, and emission. Various vehicle models (e.g. HEV, PHEV, EV, etc.) can be modelized, and various mode driving simulations are available by using them. Calculation of fuel (electric) consumption difference by different battery would be possible by CRUISE.

 Company Information 

AVL is the one and only company that has three divisions of development, test, and simulation for powertrain.
Regarding electrification, a key technology for global environment improvement, AVL offers wide-range solutions from simulation of electric components and vehicle to test beds of e-motor, battery, inverter, and integrated e-powertrain, for customer's satisfaction,
URL: Country: Japan
Department/Division: Instrumentation and Test Systems TEL: 044-455-9210
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