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We introduce advanced materials for battery modules and manufacturing process tools.
Product  (Manufacturer)
Aluminum Alloys for Collecting Electrodes and Cases  (Mitsubishi Aluminum Co.,Ltd.)  
Product features
Wide range of aluminum alloys developed and produced throughout casting, rolling and annealing processes. Aluminum alloy plates, strips and extruded multiport flat aluminum tubes for heat radiation are also lined up.
Product  (Manufacturer)
Roll to roll film coating machine  (Mitsubishi Materials Techno Corporation)  
Product features
To obtain uniform cotaed layer on elctrode foil combined with Slot-die-coaters. Evaluations are available by this machine.
Product  (Manufacturer)
Vibration flow vacuum dryer "VFD"  (Mitsubishi Materials Techno Corporation)  
Product features
To achieve efficient vibration-flow drying in manufacturing process of positive-electrode active material and negative-electrode. Horizontal types which enable continuously mass-volume drying are available as well.
Product  (Manufacturer)
NTC thermistors  
Product features
For temperature management, low-halogen, low-height and high flex-resistance "BF05", enhanced flexible "BM22/33" with 0.3mm in diameter wire, wide range size, including very small size, lined up "TH type" are exhibited.
Product  (Manufacturer)
Carbon nanofiber and fluorine compounds  (MItsubishi Materials Electronic Chemicals Co., Ltd.)  
Product features
CNF : Conductive additive for positive and negative electrode. Low loading can improve performance and longer cycle life time. Carbon Nanofiber dispersion is available."Dispersion solvent: water, alcohol, NMP, etc."
Fluorine compounds: Ionic liquid for electrolyte. Nonflammability and nonvolatility. High ionic conductivity. Wide liquid temperature range and low viscosity
Product  (Manufacturer)
Sputtering Targets for CIGS Photo-Absorbers  
Product features
Various Ga concentration for CIGS photovoltaics cells.

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Electrolyte Current Collector
Electrode Foil Ionic Liquid
Other Materials/Components Other Inspection/Testing/Evaluation Equipment
Coating Equipment Drying Equipment
Slitter/Cutter/Stamping Equipment Other Manufacturing Equipment
Aluminum Alloys for Collecting Electrodes and Cases, Vibration Vacuum Dryer, High Accurate Film Coater, NTC Thermistors, "CNF" Carbon Nanofiber, Fluorine Compounds and Sputtering Targets for CIGS PV

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