Dates: March 2 (Wed) - 4 (Fri), 2016
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan


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WIND EXPO 2016 - 4th Int'l Wind Energy Expo & Conference     Booth No:W15-54

 Product List (Manufacturer Name)

PMX  (Actsafe)
PMX is powered rope ascender over changing the windmill maintenance business!

It is Japan boasts powered rope ascender over equipped with a "Honda" engine (increased machine). About in the tank capacity of 650ml up to 750m, it is possible to climb about 17m per minute(load of 100kg). Stop the engine, it can also fall in the lever operation. Fuel in the use regular gasoline. Total weight 13kg.
ACX  (Actsafe)
ACX is powered rope ascender over changing the windmill maintenance business!

ACX equipped with a rechargeable battery is very compact powered rope ascender over. Rise by simply turning the handle in the same way as the bike, you can descent. It is about 24m move a maximum of one minute, one can be the lifting of the 200m in charge (load of 100kg). In addition you can also remotely operated by a remote controller. Total weight 13kg.

 Company Information 

K.E.M Ltd. is a company to import and sell products related to rope access around the world. Fire, police, in the current Self-Defense Forces, building maintenance, tree care, etc., rope necessary to rope access, harness, other carabiner, you can support the total up to the Assenda which is equipped with a power unit.
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