Dates: March 2 (Wed) - 4 (Fri), 2016
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan


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BATTERY JAPAN - 7th Int'l Rechargeable Battery Expo     Booth No:W27-47

 Product List (Manufacturer Name)

Redox Flow Battery
Long life ,Safe and Large-scale Storage Battery

Because of their lonh life cycle and their ability to control and monitor
the state of charge (SOC). Redox Flow Batteries are suitable for large-scale
electricity storage system which can support a compound use such as peak
shaving and back-up power source, stabilization of the renewable energy.

Oher, Megawatt-Class Power Generation System, sEMSA, DR, FEMS,
Power Depo(Li).

Boose No. W27-47

 Company Information 

In about 110year since foundation, Sumitomo Electric Group has continued
to develop unique technologies, based on the electric wire and cable
manufacturing technologies. Now we are conducting global buisness
operations in the following five major buisiness segments: automotive;
electronics; environment & energy; information & communication;
and industrial aterials.
URL: Country: Japan
Department: Infrastructure Business Promotion Division TEL: +81-6-6220-4170
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