Next-generation illumination "ELI Lamp" which actualized 100,000 hour-lifetime.
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Highlight "ELI Lamp" is a long-lived, easy to eyes, and energy saving lamp. It can be used for illumination of a room, store, factory and street. We also display "organic EL lighting", and "KUMAMON" is coming as a business manager of KUMAMOTO prefecture.
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Electrodeless induction lamp
Features It is not bright for issuing surface wider than (80lm / W), the LED bright, long-life (100,000 hours) for very ELI Lamp is an electrodeless lamp. Also, because of large watt is easy, I have to lineup 40W ~ 260W. It is the perfect lamp for those who are feeling too dazzling in LED.

eco da Mon (fluorescent light)
Features peace of mind in the light easy on the eyes
Without worry of Blue Light with light of a familiar fluorescent light
50% power consumption reduction
40W fluorescent lamp is available in 20W
about three times the life (30,000 hours)
30,000 hours against 9,000 hours fluorescent light
Mountable on existing equipment
(Bypass construction required)
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Organic EL lighting
Features Organic EL lighting is similar to natural light, easy to eyes and less shadowing due to surface illuminant. In KUMAMOTO, we are improving development and diffusion of technologies in the field of organic electronics under industry-university-government cooperation.
Especially, SOJO university is working in research and development of "host materials for solution-processed organic EL devices".